emPOWERing youth to live a life filled with confidence, safety and self-respect.

A Project of Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth
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Power ON!

Power ON! is a new community collaboration between Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada and The Embracing Project. Through the network and expertise of each agency, minors who are at-risk of or are victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation or Domestic Sex Trafficking will be able to receive supportive services and mentorship. Our goal is to provide vulnerable youth with the support they need to Power ON! and be successful.


Power ON! is a community mentoring program with a mission to emPOWER minors who are at-risk of or survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation or Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. Through a network of inter-agency collaboration, youth can receive direct services and crisis intervention, while engaging in a one-year mentoring relationship. Power ON! seeks to help youth make healthy life choices and promote, strengthen and unify the community. Our goal is to provide youth with the services they need to transform and Power ON! to a healthier, brighter future.


We envision a community where vulnerable youth are given the tools and guidance they need to become confident, self-aware, and knowledgeable about the issues that affect them. Our vision is to unite strong community-based intervention programs that will give vulnerable youth access to critical resources as they realize their full potential through our mentoring program. Through inter-agency collaboration, Power ON! Mentees will be able to receive the support they need to become self-advocates, while engaging in positive relationships.


Power ON! serves to EmPOWER vulnerable youth by providing mentorship, resources, and access to a safe environment. We believe engaging youth in positive and healthy relationships will empower them to become self-advocates and community leaders. With non-judgmental and innovative services, youth will be mentored on how to live enriched lives filled with confidence, safety, and self-respect.

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